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Rebranding Case Study: C4C Mobile's Digital Redesign

Project Overview 

Client: C4C Mobile   

Industry: Telecommunications   

Services they provide: Mobile Plans, Broadband, VoIP, IoT   



C4C Mobile, a trailblazer in mobile plans, broadband, VoIP, and IoT solutions, enlisted Truene Creative for an ambitious website overhaul and rebrand. Our mission? To craft a visually appealing, user-friendly, and SEO-optimised website that epitomises C4C Mobile's professionalism and innovative edge. 


Challenges Faced by C4C Mobile 

Before the redesign, C4C Mobile faced several challenges with their website presence. The existing website, while clean-looking and professional, was static and did not effectively market or elaborate on the company’s range of services. It relied on simplistic anchor links that limited user engagement and navigation efficiency. This structure made it difficult for potential clients to find detailed information about C4C Mobile's offerings, leading to shorter visit durations and higher bounce rates.  

What's an anchor link?

Why are they an issue in this case?

Don't they have benefits?

Additionally, the previous logo and branding did not project the image necessary to appeal to their business clientele, hindering their market positioning and customer acquisition efforts. These challenges underscored the need for a redesign and rebranding strategy to elevate C4C Mobile’s digital footprint and overall brand perception. 


Design Strategy 

Colour Palette 

A sophisticated blend of purple and light purple was meticulously chosen for the website’s colour scheme. This selection strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and innovation, crucial for attracting discerning business clients. The varying shades of purple not only create a cohesive and visually appealing design but also enhance the user experience, ensuring the website stands out in a saturated market. 

Insight: The use of purple signifies wisdom, creativity, and ambition—qualities that can resonate with B2B clients. Light purple adds a touch of modernity and approachability, creating a welcoming digital environment. 


We chose Helvetica Bold, Standard, Museo, and Avenir as the primary fonts for their corporate elegance and universal readability. These fonts ensure the content is readable while maintaining a polished and professional tone. 

Insight: The selection of these fonts provides a clean and authoritative look, making the information easily digestible and reinforcing the professional image of C4C Mobile. 


Logo Redesign 

Out with the old and in with the new—the logo redesign marks a bold departure from the previous version. Here’s the lowdown: 

Previous Logo 

The old logo, while functional, lacked the modern flair and professional edge needed to attract and retain business clients. Key characteristics of the old logo included: 

  • Design Elements: A segmented circle with a '4' cut out in the centre, connected by a series of dots. 

  • Colour Scheme: A gradient of purple and magenta, which, although vibrant, did not fully convey the image that C4C Mobile wanted to project. 

  • Typography: Rounded, playful fonts that suggested a more casual and youthful brand, which was not aligned with the professional market C4C Mobile was targeting 

  • Modernised Look: The new logo boasts a contemporary white design, casting off the previous version and palette to project a sleek, corporate image. 

  • Ellipsis Style: The '4' has been creatively replaced with four vertical magenta dots, adding a modern flair. 

  • Connection Representation: The two 'C's interlock, symbolising connection and continuity, mirroring C4C Mobile's service ethos. 

Insight: The interconnected 'C's and the semi-ellipsis not only modernise the brand but also subtly communicate the connectivity and continuous service C4C Mobile offers. The replacement of the numeral '4' with four magenta dots not only modernises the aesthetic but also subtly honours the brand's heritage. The magenta dots, arranged vertically, evoke a sense of progression and dynamism, capturing the company’s forward-thinking ethos. 


Brand Guidelines 

We didn't just stop at redesigning the logo and website. We also created comprehensive brand guidelines for C4C Mobile, which include: 

  • Logo Formats: A variety of logo formats to ensure versatility across different media. 

  • Full Colour Palette: Detailed specifications for primary and secondary colours, ensuring consistency in all branding efforts. 

  • Typography: Clear guidelines on font usage to maintain a uniform look.

Strategic Insight: These brand guidelines provide a cohesive framework that ensures consistency, recognisability, and professionalism across all marketing channels. This holistic approach helps maintain brand integrity and reinforces trust with clients. 


Website Features 

Addressing Previous Site Challenges 

The old C4C Mobile static website, did not fully elaborate on or market the company’s diverse services. It relied on anchor links, severely limiting user engagement and navigation efficiency. The new website tackles these challenges head-on with: 

  • Dedicated Landing Pages: Each service now enjoys its own dedicated landing page, complemented by pages for contact, about us, and more. This structure allows for a more organised and detailed presentation of information, making it a breeze for clients to quickly find relevant details. 

  • Strategic CTAs: Calls-to-action are strategically peppered throughout the site to optimise user engagement and drive conversions. Think of them as the digital equivalent of a "nudge-nudge, wink-wink". 

Insight: Dedicated landing pages not only improve navigation but also enable more precise SEO optimisation, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. Strategically placed CTAs guide users through the site, boosting engagement and conversion rates. 

Improved User Experience 

The revamped website structure enhances user experience by: 

  • Improved Navigation: The dedicated landing pages enhance clarity and user experience, encouraging longer visits and reducing bounce rates. It’s like going from a cluttered filing cabinet to a neatly organised digital archive. 

  • Targeted SEO: Individual landing pages enable targeted optimisation with specific keywords and unique content, improving search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic. Consider it the digital equivalent of putting out the welcome mat for search engines. 

Insight: A well-structured, easy-to-navigate website not only retains visitors but also helps convert them into clients. Enhanced SEO ensures that C4C Mobile ranks higher on search engines for their chosen keywords, attracting potential business clients effectively. 



The redesign and rebranding of the C4C Mobile website have culminated in a sleek, professional, and user-friendly platform. The visual and structural enhancements ensure that C4C Mobile can effectively communicate their services and value propositions to business clients. 

The updated site is enriched with information and refined design elements, all meticulously curated to elevate the user experience and drive engagement. The strategic use of colour, typography, and a modern logo design ultimately improves C4C Mobile's digital presence, positioning them for success in the competitive telecommunications market. 

Truene Creative is proud to have partnered with C4C Mobile on this transformative project, delivering a website and brand identity that truly reflect their commitment to innovation and professionalism.  

For more information about C4C's services, head to   


Need more details or just itching to chat about how we can turbo-boost your next project? We're here and ready to catapult your digital game to the stars. At Truene Creative, we don’t just design; we dive into the trenches with you, making sure your goals become our goals.


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